Uniform Patrol
It is the mission of the Uniform Patrol Division to proactively respond to violations of Florida Criminal Law, enforce Traffic Violations, and provide assistance to citizens when called for service. In addition to serving the citizens of Dixie County regarding calls-for-service, the Uniform Patrol Division responds to both non-emergency and emergency calls that are often not newsworthy or gain the public's attention. Many of the numerous assignments and duties of the Uniform Patrol Division involve traffic enforcement, serving civil process, criminal investigations, searches for missing person(s), crime scene processing, neighborhood patrols, conducting transportation of person(s) committed by court order to various locations within the state, execution of court ordered writs & possessions, domestic related escorts, assistance to the Criminal Investigations Division, and various other services to the community. Professional, courteous and continuous law enforcement presence is a priority of the Uniform Patrol Division.
To facilitate a safe learning environment for our youth, the Uniform Patrol Division works in conjunction with the Dixie County School Board to provide two School Resource Officer and a DARE Instructor. These officers are tasked with assisting the school with day to day security, security at sporting events in, and out of county along with providing a positive role model to mentor our youth, which is the future of Dixie County.

The Sheriff's Office Uniform Patrol Division also utilizes K-9 (patrol dog) function.  Currently, the Sheriff's Office has two K-9 positions.  The capabilities of these two positions include, but are not limited to narcotics detection, felony apprehension, and tracking of both criminals, and lost citizens in relation to our wooded areas.
The Uniform Patrol Division performs all of it's duties in a professional, courteous, and compassionate manner that reflects the rural, family oriented community that it serves.  Dixie County is large, demographically the County of Dixie encompasses approximately 704 square miles of patrol area including the Gulf of Mexico, the Suwannee River, the Steinhatchee River, and the US 19 thoroughfare.  The base of operations is at the Sheriff's Office located in the County seat of Cross City. Although based in Cross City the Uniform Patrol Division is divided into numerous zones with an officer assigned to each zone twenty four hours a day, every day.

The Patrol Division presently comprises thirteen members, who work ten hour shifts to provide effective twenty-four service to the Citizens of Dixie County.  Through interaction with our community, our services can only improve.  The citizens of Dixie County can always rely on the Patrol Division for courteous, professional, and compassionate services from their Sheriff's Office.