Traffic Enforcement Unit
The primary duty of the Dixie County Sheriff's Office, Traffic Enforcement Unit, which was funded through the Grant Process of the State of Florida, Department of Transportation, is to enforce the traffic laws of the State of Florida and all Dixie County Ordinances pertaining to traffic enforcement. The reason for this enforcement is to ensure that everyone traveling on the roadways of Dixie County stay as safe and secure as possible.

This highly specialized unit performs an important function within the Sheriff's Office by supporting the entire County. Traffic enforcement deputies assist with all traffic related matters, thus freeing up road patrol officers and allowing them to apply their time to more immediate patrol duties.
The Traffic Enforcement Unit is equipped with the most advanced Radar speed detection tools. The unit has one stationary radar speed trailers used to monitor and control speed in Dixie County. The unit regularly utilizes message boards to deliver specific messages regarding safety information and campaigns.
If you have a traffic complaint in your neighborhood or a question regarding Florida Traffic Statutes or the Enforcement of Florida's Traffic Laws in Dixie County, please call the Dixie County Sheriff's Traffic Enforcement Unit at 352/498-1231 extension 0.

The overall efforts of the Traffic Unit act to increase voluntary traffic law compliance and to decrease and prevent vehicular crashes.