Reserve Unit
The Dixie County Sheriff's Office Reserve Deputy Program is organized by the Sheriff and serves at the discretion of the Sheriff. The Reserves function to provide supplemental personnel for the routine law enforcement activities, to enhance public service functions of the Sheriff's Office, and to assist in search and rescue missions. The Law Enforcement Officer-Certified Reserve Deputies often handle the same duties as full-time, active deputies. The Reserve Deputy is commissioned and sworn full law enforcement powers equal to those of a full-time deputy. Reserve Deputies are required to review, be knowledgeable in, and adhere to all department policies and procedures. The Reserve Deputies alleviate pressure from the road patrol units and strive to assist whenever they are needed.

The Reserve Deputy is a member who has received full certification from the State of Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission as a law enforcement officer and who volunteers his/her time to the office. This deputy is committed to protect the public and preserve the peace while volunteering in a variety of assignments within the Sheriff's Office. The volunteers work alone or with a full time certified deputy sheriff. Responsibilities include volunteering in the areas of road patrol, criminal and special investigations, traffic enforcement, community policing, and problem solving in assigned areas in concert with full time certified deputies, is primary.

The Reserve Deputy  has full arrest powers and may carry, and if necessary, use firearms equivalent to that of a regular member, make arrests, collect evidence, perform searches and seizures, testify in court, perform crime scene protection, write and sign reports, conduct interviews, patrol by him/herself, use the law enforcement radio, handle domestic complaints, handle prowler and disturbance calls, participate in law enforcement-community relations, perform traffic direction, prepare and sign traffic citations, perform traffic law enforcement, participate with CID, K-9 and Narcotics.  They also handle civil disorders, assist in emergency medical procedures, assist in corrections, and write and sign warnings and parking citations.

Dixie County Sheriff's Office Reserve Unit encourages and welcomes interest in the Reserve Program. Please contact our Reserve Program if you are interested in assisting law enforcement at 352/498-1227 or