Finance & Personnel
The Finance and Personnel Staff is responsible for the financial, budgeting and personnel operations of the Sheriff's Office. Its functions include developing and monitoring of the Sheriff's Office budget, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, grants, purchasing, property and inventory, and financial reporting. They are also responsible for the processing and management of all personnel working for the Sheriff's Office. Among the duties of the personnel division is to coordinate the available applicant pool with individual divisions as job openings occur. The personnel department also manages the employee benefit programs.

The Sheriff's Office fiscal period runs from October 1st through September 30. It adheres to the States' Uniform Accounting System in its financial and budgeting functions. At the end of the fiscal year, Finance prepares the financial reports for all of the Sheriff's Office activities. The Sheriff's Office financial records are audited annually by independent outside Auditors. The audited report is submitted to the Board of County Commissioners for inclusion to the overall County financial statements.

The Sheriff's Office prepares its own operating budget. This is submitted to the Board of County Commissioners on May 1st. After two public hearings in September, the County Commissioners approves the amount of funding for the Sheriff's Office in the ensuing fiscal year.