Operation Identification
What is Operation Identification?
Operation Identification is the engraving of your valuables with your Florida Driver's License number to deter burglars and also to prove ownership should the article be stolen and recovered by law enforcement. Permanently marked valuables are usually not taken because they are more difficult for burglars to dispose of.

What equipment should I use to mark my property?

Electric engravers or diamond tip pens are easy to use, inexpensive, and can be purchased in any home improvement store.

Do not mark valuables with your social security number. Federal regulations governing the identity of Social Security registrants make the number next to impossible to trace. You should mark your valuables with your FL 12- digit alphanumeric code number on your driver's license. If you are not a driver and are over 18 years of age, any Florida Driver License Issuing Station will issue a Department of Motor Vehicles ID Card.

This ID card will have the same alphanumeric code number for the purposes of identification as a driver's license. This number can then be traced back to you in the event that marked stolen property is recovered by law enforcement.

Valuables that cannot be marked, such as antiques, silver, china, coins, etc., should be photographed in detail with a complete description of the article on the back of the photograph. These photographs should be kept in a safe place and used for identification purposes in the event of a theft.

Make sure you have a record of all marked valuables that includes the serial number, make, model, and the location of your markings.

Items that have no serial number should be photographed or video taped.

Operation Identification Record