Joint Dive Team Division
The Dixie County Dive Team is a joint and collaborative team of divers from the Dixie County Sheriff's Office and Dixie County Emergency Services.   The goal of the Dixie County Dive Team is to rapidly respond to any water-related operation and to safely affect any type of waterborne recovery, rescue operation or criminal investigation. The Team responds to calls in all areas of Dixie County.
The members of the team are either Deputy Sheriffs or Emergency Services Personnel who volunteer for the duty, in addition to their regularly assigned duties, without extra compensation.  The standards for the Team are high and require extensive training provided by the Sheriff's Office and Emergency Services.
It cannot be emphasized strongly enough that this type of diving is not the same as sports diving! Deep cold water, zero visibility and polluted waters are the norm, not the exception. No longer is there crystal clear water, beautiful corals and abundant marine life.

The aquarium environment quickly turns into a black menacing atmosphere. In addition, these divers must contend with the families of victims, the media and often coordinate their efforts with other agencies. These divers must also consider availability of resources, depths, times, air pressure, search patterns, lines and body bags. The list seems to be endless. All of the above factors, and then some, make up this type diving environment.

Types of Diving Operations

Drowning investigations, homicides involving water, weapon recovery, suicides involving water, auto crashes that involve water, auto thefts disposed of in water, boating crash investigations, suspicious sinking of vessels, recovery of stolen property. The team also responds to special community needs.