Inmate Work Program
Perhaps one of the best crime prevention programs is the Inmate Work Crew. This program began with the Sheriff's commitment to the taxpayers that inmates would be afforded the opportunity to pull their weight as citizens of Dixie County. The program started with no money, equipment, tools or staff. Instead of allowing inmates to lay around the jail and be supported by tax dollars, the Sheriff devised a plan to let them help clean up our community during a five day work week.

Out of this plan evolved multiple benefits to the community. The real crime prevention benefits comes from these work crews being seen working along roadways, in vacant lots, cleaning up graffiti, and picking up trash.
The Dixie County Jail Work Crew operates Monday through Friday. Inmates sentenced to the Dixie County Jail are screened and selected for outside work assignments and are assigned and supervised by County, City and Correctional Staff.

The Sheriff's Office works one male and one female work squad.  During 2007, these two squads combined worked over 21,000 hours and provided a savings of $274,890 to the taxpayers of Dixie County.  This figure is provided by the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation.

For more information, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 352/498-1220 or the Jail Administrator at 352/498-1231 extension 230.