Crime Prevention
It is the intent of the Dixie County Sheriff's Office to reduce crime within Dixie County.  The Sheriff's Office relies heavily upon information received from the community to make this possible.  The members of the Dixie County Sheriff's Office look forward to receiving information that may assist in investigations that are or might be occurring within the county.  If you or someone you know has information about criminal activity or you have a concern that criminal activity is occurring in your neighborhood, please contact the sheriff's office at 352/498-1231 ext. 599 or 352/498-1220.

Crime Prevention Tips
  1.    Lock all doors and windows while home or away. Use good quality deadbolt locks on all exterior
        doors and auxiliary locks on windows.

  2.    Trim shrubbery below window level and clear of entrances. Do not give burglars a place to hide.

  3.    Lights at night are essential to your personal safety as well as that of your property.

  4.    Do not leave items of value in unattended vehicles. Vehicles are safest stored in a garage. If that isn't
         possible, park in a well-lighted area and use an alarm.

  5.    Keep fence gates closed and locked.

  6.    Record the make, model and serial number of all home electronics and appliances.

  7.    Take color photographs of jewelry, antiques and collectibles. A home video is a good record of your
         valuables too.

  8.    Know who is coming into your home. Control the access by persons not well known to you.

  9.    Suspicious persons or activities within you neighborhood? Report it to the Dixie County Sheriff's Office
         non-emergency number immediately 352/498-1231 extension 0 or the emergency 911 line if the   
         incident is in progress. You could be witnessing a crime in progress without realizing it.

10.   While out of town, make your house look occupied. Put lights and radios on timers. Stop mail and
         newspaper delivery. Have your lawn mowed. Leave a key and alarm codes with a trusted friend or
         neighbor who can make checks of your home.