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Dixie County Sheriff's Office
Other Important Numbers
Board of County Commissioners                      352/498-1206
Clerk of Court - Dana Cannon                         352/498-1200
County Judge - Fredrick L. Koberlein              352/498-1234  
Property Appraiser - J. Hal Chewning, Jr.        352/498-1212  
Superintendent of Schools -
            Dennis Wayne Bennett                         352/498-6131  
Tax Collector - Joyce H. Davis                        352/498-1213
Supervisor of Elections - Starlett Cannon          352/498-1216

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Building Department                                         352/498-1236
Emergency Services                                         352/498-1240
Airport Services (Hoyle Tanner)                       352/380-1919
County Attorney (Leenette McMillan)               352/498-5048
County Manager                                               352/498-1426
Economic Development W.D. Higginbotham     352/336-2200  
911 - Services                                                  352/498-1240  
Engineering Bailey, Bishop & Lane, Inc.            386/752-5640  
Environmental Services                                     352/498-1360  
IFAS Extension Service                                    352/498-1237
County Finance                                                352/498-1205  
Library                                                             352/498-1219  
Mosquito Control                                             352/498-1432  
Payroll                                                             352/498-1205  
Planning & Zoning                                            352/498-1236  
Public Works                                                   352/498-1239  
Purchasing                                                        352/498-1206  
Solid Waste & Recycling                                  352/498-1432  
Veteran's Affairs                                               352/498-1246  
Dixie District School
            Anderson Elementary                           352/498-1333
            High School                                         352/498-6410
            Ruth Rains Middle School                    352/498-1346
            Old Town Elementary                          352/542-7818
Steinhatchee School                                         352/498-3303
Town of Horseshoe Beach                                352/498-5234        
Town of Cross City                                          352/498-3306
Town of Cross City - Police Department           352/498-3507        
Town of Cross City - City Clerk                       352/498-3468
Town of Cross City - Water Department          352/498-3306
Suwannee Water and Sewer District                 352/542-7570
Big Bend Water Authority                                352/498-3576
County Probation Services                               352/498-2307
Crisis Pregnancy and Resource Center             352/498-7776
Dixie County Airport                                        352/498-6656
Dixie County Chamber of Commerce               352/498-5454
Suwannee River Economic Council                   352/498-5018
Chiefland DOT                                                352/493-6070
Suwannee River Water Mgt.                            800/226-1066
Division of Forestry - Cross City                      352/498-1380
Cross City Correctional Institution                    352/498-4444
State Probation Office                                      352/498-1383
Driver's License Office - Cross City                 352/498-1388
Florida Highway Patrol                                     352/498-1374
Guardian Ad Litem                                           352/498-1424
State Attorney's Office                                     352/498-1248
Post Office        
            Cross City                                            352/498-5337
            Old Town                                             352/542-7911
            Suwannee                                             352/542-7111
            Steinhatchee                                          352/498-5382
            Horseshoe Beach                                  352/498-3731
Tri-County Electric                                            352/498-5772
Progress Energy                                                800/700-8744
Central Florida Electric                                      352/498-2226
The Dixie County Sheriff's Office is located in Cross City.  This is located in the Big Bend Area of Florida, which is also referred to the Heart of the Nature Coast.  Dixie is approximately 704 square miles in size and is bordered by water on three sides, the Suwannee River to the East, the Steinhatchee River to the West and the Gulf of Mexico to the South.  The population of Dixie County is approximately 15,000.  Please feel free to contact us at the numbers listed below, or if you are in the area, please stop by. 

Dixie County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff's Office: Located in the Dixie County Courthouse
P.O. Box 470
214 NE 351 Highway, Suite L
Cross City, Florida 32628

Sheriff Darby Butler…..352/498-1220

Dixie County Jail
386 NE 255th Street
Cross City, Florida 32628

Emergency Calls / Dispatch ……..911
Non- Emergency Line…….352/498-1231 extension 0

County Jail…352/498-1231
Classifications….......Extension 243
Inmate Medical…….Extension 237
Inmate Canteen…….Extension 239
Warrants Division….Extension 236
Jail Administrator….Extension 230

Property Crimes Investigations……………….…352/498-1228
Drug/Narcotics Investigations……………….…..352/498-1230
Community Programs/PIO/SRO Supervisor…….352/498-1227
Civil/Court Services……………….……………..352/498-1220
Law Enforcement Supervisor….……………..352/498-1229 or 1227

For e-mail contact, please e-mail

and it will be routed to the appropriate person or division. 


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