Civil Process/Court Security

The Civil Process and Court Services Unit is comprised of two certified law enforcement officers.  These Deputies provide Court Security and Services for all Criminal and Civil Hearings.  They are also responsible for serving all civil papers, summons, subpoenas non-enforceable, enforceable writs and injunctions.  These Deputies serve approximately 9800 court related papers on an annual basis and provide Court Security for hearings on a daily basis.  

Procedure and Fees for Civil Process Services

Non Enforceable Writs: Witness Subpoena, Summons, Garnishment, Notice to Appear and Order to Show Cause.  The fee is $40.00 each.

Send the original or certified copy of summons along with one copy of summons and a copy of the complaint. Please allow two weeks for return of service.

Levy: fee is $50.00 for each.

Enforceable Writs: Writ of Attachment, Possession or Replevin, Order Contempt and Commitment and Bodily Attachment.  The fee is $90.00 each.

Send original or certified copy of writ along with one copy of writ and a copy of the final judgment.
Please allow two weeks for return of writ

Executions: The following are cost associated with executions of the civil process.

Processing the writ and preparing the file.            $40.00
Levy                                                                  $50.00
Preparing the advertisement                                $40.00
The holding of a Sheriff’s sale.                            $40.00
For each Bill of Sale or Sheriff’s Deed                $40.00
Certified Mailing                                                 Actual Cost
Court Filings or Clerk Fees                                 Actual Cost
Storage and Transportation                                 Actual Cost
Other Services as Required (Locksmith, etc)       Actual Cost

Out of State:
The Dixie County Sheriff’s Office serves only Enforceable Writs for Out of State Service.  The Sheriff’s Office does not serve Non-Enforceable “Out of State” Writs.

Postal Delivery:                                   Overnight Delivery:

Dixie County Sheriff's Office                Dixie County Sheriff's Office                        
Attention: Lt. Sheppard                       
Attention: Lt. Sheppard 
P.O. Box 470                                     
214 NE 351 Highway, Suite L

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