Citizens On Patrol
Citizens on Patrol is comprised of concerned citizens who care about their community and are dedicated to helping the Sheriff's Office provide a higher level of service to its citizens and visitors.

The primary function of the volunteers was neighborhood patrol. Over the years, the volunteer duties have expanded greatly C.O.P. members now perform a very diverse array of non-confrontational duties that keep certified road deputies available for the more serious calls requiring law enforcement expertise. Some duties that were added to the neighborhood patrol are traffic control, traffic surveys, business patrols, picking up found property and neighborhood canvassing, Volunteers also provide assistance to non-profit organizations and civic groups by assisting with traffic control, finger printing, and crowd patrol for lost children and medical emergencies.

Due to the nature of our volunteer duties, applicants should not have a criminal record. Applicants that have served in the military must have an honorable discharge. In 2007, COP members contributed 5,958 hours and patrolled over 28,000 miles, which is a savings of $89,370.  For more information, please contact Everett Hicks at 352/542-9197 or the Sheriff's Office at 352/498-1220.